Thursday, December 13, 2012

Instant MUG CAKE - Eggless

Yeah yeah you read it right. Its instant
Baking a cake takes a good account on your time and energy. You are always baking a well dimensioned block of cake for more than one individual.Obviously!! Right?
Sometimes I literally have cravings for a bite of cake, but then I solve my problem to get up and grab a chocolate cookie from the cupboard or have a cup of coffee.
Here I am with a version of instant Mug Cake inspired from Nithya's blog. She's one miraculous lady.
I have modified her recipe and dressing of the cake is purely mine.

Unlike those cake blocks this mug version is ready for you in just 1.30 minutes! Woohoo

  1. The cake is baked in microwave mode and not in convection mode. Microwave cakes tend to harden after sometime since microwave absorbs the moisture content and that's why the baking time is really less.Hence, prepare this cake just before you eat.
  2. The batter should be in pouring consistency.

So all set to try it? Get - Set - Goooooooooooooooooooooooo


The Cake-

  1. All Purpose Flour (Maida) - 3 Tblsp.
  2. Powdered Sugar - 3 Tblsp.
  3. Vegetable Oil (Good quality) - 3 Tblsp.
  4. Milk - 3 Tblsp.
  5. Cocoa Powder - 2 Tblsp.
  6. Vanilla Essence - 1/4 Tsp
  7. Baking Powder - 1/4 Tsp
  8. Salt - A Pinch
  9. Microwave Mug

Vanilla custard-For Dressing-
  1. Vanilla Essence - 1 Tsp
  2. Milk - 1 Cup
  3. Sugar - 1/2 Cup
  4. Corn Flour - 2 Tsp
  5. Chocolate Syrup - As per requirement to glaze the top
  6. Any Fruit Jam



1. In a bowl, mix together the Flour, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder and Salt
2. Take another small bowl and whisk together the liquids Vegetable Oil, Milk, Vanilla Essence very well
3. Add the liquid content slowly, while stirring the batter continuously. Make sure there are no lumps left.

4. Now pour the smooth batter into your microwaveable mug.
    The batter should be filled only half of the mug

5. Now microwave your mug for 1 minute. If the cake still looks wet then go ahead for another 30 seconds.
    Check the cake by putting knife deep in and if the knife comes out clean then you've hit it

6. Keep it aside to cool and meanwhile lets prepare the dressing content


1. Put the 3/4 cup of the milk on a low flame
2. Mix the sugar in the milk and give a quick stir
3. Now the corn flour in the remaining milk, make sure there are no lumps.
4. When the milk on the flame starts boiling, immediately pour in the remaining milk-cornflour mixture and stir continuously for another 15 seconds as it starts thickening.
5. Remove from the flame and mix your vanilla essence thoroughly

Final Touch

1. Poke your cake with knife to make small holes in it

2. Pour your Custard in the mug on top of your cake

3. Now spread your chocolate syrup on the custard layer

4. With the help of the back of your spoon put a drop of your fruit jam at the centre

Tadaaaaa.. Your mug cake is ready

TIPS: You can have a coffee flavoured cake by mixing 1 Tsp. of instant coffee powder to the warm milk and then mixing it to the batter only after cooling