Friday, June 17, 2011

GUITARISTA under process

As another week of meeting it was...curious to meet my beloved when..I kept waiting
and tadaah..there he is..on the door of my room
With a broad smile on his face.
It was not a usual expressions ever seen. And there he took out the guitar he was hiding behind
I was really excited to see this big brown musical instrument..especially when its gonna be mine forever

Now I started tringing the strings and chords with the brilliance of my brains

Still trying to know how to hold it?
Fiddling with the big structure I had a tough time holding it right.
Though now I call it right, untill i'm caught by a musician ;) *wink wink*, withing fraction of few minutes I played Te Amo for him..and yeah ..I think it was almost there
Now, every evening after the office when I reach home, I have something creative and happening to do. With a happy broad smile I end up with a new creation recorded on my cell phone. Listeners may start asking.."well that's great, but errk..which song was that" but hey..that is the most beautiful and hit songs ever for me.

or To tring it?
The other day i again took my orchestra out from its box.
While tuning the chords I heard a bashing noise andthere you go. Mister chord 4 has god broken
I was quiet disappointed and somehow managed to tie the broken ends of the chord together.
But the evening practice has come to a pause now.

Now I'm in search of a store that could provide me chords with a little bit of sense to handle my very own Guitar
I'm doing a RnD over the internet about Guitar Tutorials
Seem really boring though..but lets hope for the best