Friday, December 07, 2012

Garam Masala !!

Sudden change in the single status to Married, has changed my complete persona.
I knew I was good at few of those arts that people might wish for and tag as God's gift, but getting into the shoes of a married girl, is not that easy.
I was not staying with my in laws, neither I had my mother or any elder to guide me through.

We were staying alone, by the time the morning reaches 6 of the evening, I had to run like a rat in order to fulfill our utmost need - Food

Thanks to my very supporting husband without whom nothing would have been possible. One thing that ever echoed around me was - "I'll eat whatever you provide me with, no matter if its a charred cook"

I owed him everything, and not having any cooking strategies in handy, was my guilt.

Finally I started recalling my friends' tiffins while having lunch at the office terrace, and my venture started. Thanks to Page and Bin duo. Hadn't they created Google, my marital life would have been incomplete.

Today I cook, better than our expectations. Be it be an indian curry, chinese recipes or sweets and desserts, I own them all.
Today I decided to jot them one by one

I hope it will be interesting to the readers


  1. wohhooo way to go Snehu! looking forward to yummy delights :D

    1. Thank You Ritu, waito a little :)
      Do try them haan
      Thanks for motivating :

  2. Getting better day by day...way to go my girl...:)