Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Characters' Nature v/s Behavior

Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that humans tend to have naturally.

Last few weeks, were like teeter-totter for me
Understanding human behavior and nature, was really difficult and in fact, it left me traumatized at the end.
I would like to share my experience to the readers here

Starting with, the personality closest to me. The one really personal to my mind. Favorite of all. None other than myself. I have been meeting and talking with many people, who were near and dear ones of mine. I hardly remember when was the last time something shook my mind. But I could realize the post-effects of some mere incidence on my mental status. At the end I myself started over-reacting to simple things and over-thinking and re-thinking about them. Asking questions, why? how could they? how dare? oh god, how can this be?
Arguments and conflicts had already started molding my way of thinking, and perception slowly and gradually it changed my attitude towards the same so called " near and dear ones ".
Later on I found myself brooding about all the consequences that took place. Flash back presentation of human behavior.And hence I decided to take a deep breath and move ahead. Though, it wasn't late enough that I couldn't forget or forgive them

And then just after 48 hours. I heard another incidence that again heightened my temperament. One old mom wishes to meet her siblings at the age of 79 ( may be ) when she's facing a hard time with her bad health and weak body. Leaves her city life for her hometown with a target of hardly half a month. May be for her it was more than enough to meet her relationships and console her gratitude towards them. Her brothers and sisters and everybody was eagerly waiting to welcome her. And she left. Would be reaching in three days. But later, her daughter gets a phone call from her brother's daughter in law ( who is not  staying with any of her in-laws since 20 years )  with a disappointed baritone. And in few minutes the conversation turned the volume to another level and it never remained a normal conversation anymore.
And before the old woman could reach her destination, she heard a denial from her relatives.
This incidence came to my ears after few days. But it affected me really well. I was feeling pity for the lady. Or should I feel pity for the relatives in hometown to whom the daughter of that lady had commanded to not to show their faces ever, and asked them to not to bother about her mother's last wish and last breath either

The very same day I left for my office with an upset mood. I reached to hear another incidence, that concluded that men here are worse that women. Arguments about who v/s whom and comparing their provision of facilities and even expecting more than what they have
Phew.. People have changed their attitude, and have turned arrogant towards women, and elders
No gratitude, Just Attitude is today's era
Or is it the effect of 21st December 2012, that's coming closer everyday

People, their Nature and Behavior is really difficult to understand
You, Your Wife/ husband, Your Kids, Your Mom, Your dad and four walls compressed together to a house turned home shall be the only consideration to a normal human living
Care for the ones outside this periphery, and there goes your mental stability
Am I one amongst that?????

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