Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Commencement

I had earlier posted this and the post got deleted by the blogger itself..and help and support people say it happens when they consider somebody as SPAM..
whaaaaaaaaaatttttttt????????? Spam?and me?Sheahhh..Blame them for having such a poor service
I miss my posts The Commencement...
oh my god there was another one..'Dreamweaver or a fairytale'..and yeah how could I miss the one about my auditions .. 'Twilight through the rising dawn'..
Anyways..lemme start of again

Writing had never been my passion. For a person who can't afford to sit and let her eyes wander in the world of words does't expect others to do the same for her.. Kya karu main hoon hi itni acchi :D (say cheeeeese)
People reading here can expect anything and everything .. though I'd write rarely..but my one single blog may be longer than a newspaper..thanks to my talkative tongue and complimented with superfast finger typing

You can appreciate me and bash me here..
Anything is invited..but please no jootaas and chappals uh..please be kind to me!!
Readers are welcome...and Spoilt sports..this is not your arena i'm sorry uh..

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