Monday, January 07, 2013

Idiyappam or String Hoppers

My favourite feeling light breakfast.
We have heard of steam cooked south indian Idlis. But how many times have you seen or heard the word Idiyappam? You know, Idiyappam is a traditional Kerala, Tamil and Sri Lankan food, infamous, steam cooked, consisting of rice flour.

This Sunday morning, I woke up with the aroma of Desi food, mom made food..Aaaaaaaahhh, the very South indian food frangrance.
I thought its Idli, but then I saw these yummy ones in the casserole and I grabbed one. Then I recalled, tooth brushing is a daily schedule, before breakfast!!
We generally have Idiyappams with coconut chutneys (any one from those 3 types of coconut chutneys, that we make at home. Will soon post all those recipes too)

So this easy to make south indian food is a must have in mind when its a weekend morning and when you don't want to spend whole day in grinding and fermenting your dosa/idli batter.

Here I am with my mother's recipe of Idiyappam with coconut fillings


1. Rice Flour (Ready made available in stores) - 2 Cups
2. Water - 2 + 1/2 Cups
3. Grated coconut - 1 Cup approx.
4. Salt as per taste
5. Ghee/oil for greasing
6. Idli maker
7. A Seva Nazhi (this has a major role in most of the snacks making techniques)


1. Boil 2 Cups of water with salt. Keep aside the remaining 1/2 cup for kneading

2. Slowly add this boiling water to the flour little by little and mix with a spoon or wooden spatula. It can be difficult but try your efforts to bring them all together.

3. Close with a lid and leave for 15 minutes

4. Meanwhile grease the idli pans with ghee or oil

5. Now take the mixture and knead with your hands into a smooth yet firm dough (add 2-3 tbsp. of hot water to the dough if needed)

6. Roll the dough in cylindrical shape and stuff into the seva nazhi

7. Now start rolling the strings and stop after half. Put some grated coconut on top of each, and again top with the strings

8. Now close the lid and steam for 15-20 minutes

9. Serve hot with chutneys or your Favorite curries

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