Saturday, March 22, 2014

Eggless Low Fat Mayonnaise

I am a big foodie and that shows on my red cheeks. Always.
I have been buying food stuffs all time and have grown learning how to make food with store bought items.

Lately, I started exploring the reasons behind long life of those extra toppings' lying in my refrigerator with year and a half long expiry dates. I went through all the tiny letters and especially the ingredients that start with a few known and many more scientific fundas in terms of preservatives.
Hence I pledged to make most of the store bought products at home.

I started off with Mayonnaise.

I had been following a vegan diet since a while for healthy reasons (and now I'm proudly back to my Carnivorous state), so after a lot of experiments I have finalized this recipe for a home made mayonnaise.

Vegan Low Fat Mayonnaise


Skimmed/ Toned Milk-   1 Cup
Corn Flour-    2 Tbsp.
Sugar-   1/2 Tsp.
Salt-  1/4 Tsp.
Olive Oil-   1 1/2 Tbsp.
Vinegar- 1 Tbsp. (as per your requirement)
Ground Mustard Seeds- 2 Tsp.
Ground Pepper- 1 Tsp.
Blender (optional)


1. Mix Sugar, Corn Flour and Milk together* in a deep pan.

2. Heat this mixture on high flame and turn down the flame to medium once the milk starts showing bubbles on the edges. Keep stirring to prevent the mixture from sticking to the bottom of your pan.

3. Let this mixture thicken very well.** (It would max. 5 minutes).

4. Now take the pan off from the burner and let it cool completely.***

5. Once the mix has cooled down, add in the salt, vinegar, olive oil, pepper powder and ground mustard seeds and blend well with your blender.

Tadaa. Your yummy Mayonnaise is ready.

I use this for Bhajjis, Burgers, Potato cutlets, Sandwiches, Omelette and in any and everything.
Keep your Mayonnaise refrigerated.. As it is a no preservatives' home made food you must make small batches to prevent splitting of milk compound.

You can make Garlic flavored mayonnaise by 1/2 tsp Garlic paste instead of Mustard powder.

I used Sugar Free to make it more Diet friendly, though I stopped it as my father in law says it has some harmful chemicals in it.


* Corn flour and cold liquid blends well.
I tried mixing the a small batch of milk with corn flour to the boiling milk, but that doesn't blend well with the mixture and has high risk of burning at the center.

** Don't hesitate to make the mix the thickest possible, as later you are going to pour olive oil and vinegar that loosens the mixture.

*** Keep stirring this mixture occassionally even when it is kept aside to cool, as this prevents the mixture from lumps later.

You can increase/decrease your ingredients as per your taste buds.
I like this strong flavor of Mustard and tangy Vinegar.

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